xSuite Order Confirmation Cube Admin Training

xSuite Order Confirmation Cube Admin Training

In this training, workflow processes used in procurement are clarified. Complementary to the procurement area, the specifics of order confirmation and related processes are addressed. Knowledge of administration of the module will be deepened by way of example and explanation.

Kursnummer: FGT-91


  • Administrators who wish to develop valuable know-how in preparation for an xSuite Order Confirmation implementation
  • Administrators who already maintain, control and configure installed xSuite systems

Course contents:

  • Technical and process-oriented interrelationships of xSuite Procurement Cube and xSuite Order Confirmation Cube
  • User administration and role maintenance in xSuite
  • SAP Business Workplace (inbox)
  • Maintenance of the agent table


  • Course FGT-40 xSuite Basic/Invoice Cube Admin
  • Basic knowledge of SAP systems (FI/MM)
  • A basic understanding of the business aspects involved in procurement

Course fee:

  • EUR 475 per person plus VAT
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