xSuite Folders Cube Admin Training

In this training, we will present technical and process-oriented fundamentals and discuss the ways in which xSuite Folders Cube interrelates with its context. Different folder solutions will be introduced and analyzed. In particular, we will focus on folder and document administration, workflows that can be stored, and how to use the xSuite Folders modeller. In the second part of the training each participant will work in a dedicated training environment and will be guided by the trainer in installing and testing a folder solution with a workflow in the xSuite Folders modeller.

Course Number: FGT-81


  • Administrators who wish to develop valuable know-how in preparation for an xSuite Folders Cube implementation
  • Administrators who already maintain, monitor and configure installed xSuite systems

Course outcomes:

  • An understanding of technical and process-oriented aspects of the product xSuite Folders Cube
  • The ability to set up and maintain folder solutions in the xSuite Folders modeller
  • A grasp of how xSuite Folders Cube and xFlow Archive Prsm interrelate


  • 1,800 EUR per person plus VAT


  • Recommended: Participation in course FGT-71 (Archives Admin)
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