xSuite Capture Prism Key User Training

xSuite Capture Prism Key User Training

This course is analogous to the admin training in xSuite Capture Prisme. Its purpose is to prepare key users for working with the xSuite Capture Prism workflow. The primary focus is the use of a scan client for invoice entry and the validation of captured data within SAP. Participants will receive an introduction to the entire process of invoice approval and gain familiarity with expanded functions of the scan client and the xSuite Capture Viewer in SAP. They will receive opportunities to practice general invoice verification within SAP and to configure field training. The course will conclude with a discussion of options for resolving problems in documents containing errors.

Course Number: FGT-62


  • Users that are responsible for handling validation

Course outcomes:

  • An understanding of technical and process-oriented aspects of xSuite and the Invoice Monitor (SAP)
  • Efficient use of scan client and data extraction:
    • Late entry of invoices
    • Re-scanning of documents
    • Scanning using the file-upload function
    • Manual separation and merging of documents
    • Using the xSuite Viewer and the Invoice Monitor
    • Settings
    • Display and adoption of field contents
    • Training field values
    • Options for direct access to the SAP document
    • Changing the document type when errors have occurred in document recognition


  • Basic knowledge of SAP systems (FI, MM)
  • Basic knowledge of business operations in the area of invoice processing
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems


  • 950 EUR per person plus VAT
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