xSuite Archive Prism Training (Partner)

xSuite Archive Prism Training (Partner)

The training starts out with an introduction to the technical basics of xSuite Archive Prism. In particluar, installation and configuration will be discussed. Knowledge gained is checked in practical exercises on the training system and solidified with configuration that participants set up themselves. This course is directed toward consultants from new partner organizations as well as toward existing partners who require re-certification.

Course Number: FGT-73


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems
  • Increased technical understanding

Course Outcomes:

  • A sound understanding of technical and process-oriented aspects of the product xSuite Archive Prism (Windows)
  • Skills in installing the archive
  • Basic skills in configuration
  • Skills for configuring the SAP interface ArchiveLink


  • 2,850 EUR per person plus VAT
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