Workshop xSuite Capture Helix (Cloud Partner)

Workshop xSuite Capture Helix (Cloud Partner)

This technically-oriented training course introduces the xSuite Helix Capture solution. Learn how anchor words work and understand the logic behind the recognition of vendors in invoice documents. The course also lays out the options provided by the xSuite Helix Capture solution for customizing document extraction.

Course Code: FGT-97

Course contents:

  • How data extraction works in the xSuite Cloud
  • How anchor words work; the specifics of vendor recognition
  • How to customize the xSuite Helix Capture solution based on customer requirements


  • Basic understanding of data extraction

Course outcomes:

  • An understanding of how the xSuite Helix Capture solution works and how to customize document extraction

Course fee: 

  • 475 EUR per person plus VAT

The course is held half-day.

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