Sales and PreSales xSuite Helix (Partner)

Sales and PreSales xSuite Helix (Partner)

This sales training course in xSuite cloud products enables participants to make the right decisions through an understanding of the xSuite Helix workflow. You will learn to effectively pitch the customer benefits and, as a result, become more adept at independently acquiring projects. The course presents the xSuite solution as a whole, along with delving into aspects such as competitive advantages, pricing models, and limitations. It is geared towards consultants at new partner companies.

Course Code: FGT-95

Course contents

Sales information

  • General introduction to product
  • Special features, advantages, and limitations
  • Sales questionnaire
  • Cost assessment, preparation of proposal, pricing model
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Pitches regarding unique selling points and competition

Technical information

  • Technical capabilities
  • Validation within SAP with xSuite Capture Helix
  • Look at best practices 


  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Windows systems
  • Basic understanding of business processes

Course outcomes:

  • A deep understanding of how xSuite Archive Helix works and where it can be used
  • Confidence and accuracy in pitching the product to customers
  • Independence in project acquisition

Course fee:

  • On request
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