Onboarding xSuite Helix (Cloud Partner)

Onboarding xSuite Helix (Cloud Partner)

The purpose of the xSuite Helix onboarding training course is to provide participants with a general understanding of the structure and functions of the Helix user interface. The course introduces the xSuite Helix cloud solution as a whole, then looks at the user interface, the standard customizing necessary, and the solution‘s limitations. It is geared towards consultants at new partner companies and existing partners who require re-certification.

Course code: FGT-93

Course contents:

Sales information:

  • General introduction to product
  • Special features, advantages, and limitations
  • The Helix user interface
  • Standard customizing (for workflow, archiving, and capture)

Technical information:

  • Technical capabilities
  • Validation within SAP with xSuite Capture Prism 
  • Helix processes – best practices


  •     Basic understanding of business processes

Course outcomes:

  • A deep understanding of how xSuite Archive Helix works and how it can be used
  • Confidence and accuracy in pitching the solution to the customer
  • Independence in project acquisition

Course fee:

  • 475 EUR per person plus VAT
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