Technical Basics – xSuite Interface Prism (Basis + Proxy)

Technical Basics – xSuite Interface Prism (Basis + Proxy)

The training course in the configuration of xSuite Interface Prism provides the participant with a technical understanding of how the xSuite Interface proxy works. With this foundation, the participant will have the skills to implement xSuite Helix with xSuite Interface and to configure the specific proxy necessary for Interface-based access to Helix. Among the areas covered in the training program are authentication on the Helix Cloud, use of constants and the retrieval of master data from ERP systems. These will be demonstrated and discussed based on examples in SAP.

Course code: FGT-94

Course contents:

  • Overview of xSuite Interface
  • Structure and functionalities of xSuite Interface configuration files
  • Use of constants
  • Retrieval of master data from SAP, e.g., vendor records or purchase orders


  • Basic knowledge of business operations
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems

Course outcomes:

  • An understanding the function, use and configuration of the xSuite Interface proxy for Helix
  • The knowledge needed to independently set up the Suite Interface (Proxy) for Helix

Course fee:

  • 950 EUR per person plus VAT
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