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Feelgood Management: the Value of Wellbeing at the Workplace

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You spend a good eight hours a day at work, and a total of forty hours a week. That means that most of your day is spent at the company—at least if you consider your waking hours. Such a time investment makes it all the more important to create an atmosphere in which a team has an all 'round feeling of ease. Because one thing's for sure: Few employees* are willing to work for a company that doesn't help them perform at their best and feel good about themselves.

In Germany, the majority of workers even consider a positive work atmosphere to be the decisive key to job satisfaction. The importance of this can be seen from the numerous terms that surround this field, such as Workplace Design, Corporate Health, Feelgood Management, Smart Work, etc. As an employer, we naturally do our utmost to foster a good work atmosphere, and have succeeded in a variety of ways.

Give the team space to hang out

Creative breaks are essential for achieving success in your work. You can hardly be expected to stare at the screen from nine to five and work at full productivity the whole time. When moving into our modern offices, we therefore created an atmosphere for our employees that invites inspiration and wellbeing. I remember how I felt when I first came to the offices for an interview—that moment when you walk through a door and have the feeling it just fits. The roof terrace was one of my favorite places right from the start. Whenever the weather allows, I like to hang out there, be it for lunch or just to play with new ideas and get some fresh air. But, of course, there are other places of retreat as well, such as the small meeting islands or a lounge on the upper floor.

How we rock it with corporate health

The feel-good factor does not stop at our work spaces. Promoting corporate health is a contribution of equal importance in keeping the working capacity and employability of our team at a high level. An really cool example of the perks offered is a recent series of three workshops on the subject of nutrition. We had two days of theory, and on the last day we bought some groceries together and donned the apron ourselves. A balanced diet keeps employees healthy, happy and focused. So we have fresh fruit at the company and smoothie days, too.

Relaxation techniques and regular exercise can improve the general atmosphere and positively influence the overall performance of the company. That's why team back training and yoga sessions have also been included in our employee benefits program. Some of the exercises can even be done directly at the workplace. Some institutions, such as health insurance companies, offer companies these kinds of services at a manageable cost. Our team is thankful for it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Another essential feel-good factor is team spirit and cohesion within a company. It never takes long before it becomes clear what a company is like in this respect. During my first job interview, at any rate, I immediately had a positive feeling on this count as well. It didn't stop once I'd started working, either.

A little anecdote to illustrate my point: One of my first self-imposed tasks back then was to shoot employee videos. All I asked the product marketing department for was a microphone. Twenty minutes later, I had a four-man camera team at my side—JACKPOT! That's what you call cohesion. In order to cultivate this feeling, integrate new colleagues and promote the transfer of knowledge within the company, we keep our regular programs and team events going.

Following up on teambuilding events on Mallorca and Fuerteventura in the past, we'll soon be flying out into the distance again to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We'll all have the opportunity to get to know our colleagues a little better and take a break from the daily routine.

Of course, it's not every year that we head off to an island with the whole team. That would go beyond our means, too. But we also have smaller teambuilding events. Like last year, when we offered our employees a few different locations and events to choose from. Skydiving, canoeing, escape room, heirloom beer tasting, and more. Each employee chose his or her favorite event and a whole new mix resulted.

Recently, we've also been organizing an occasional networking dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. The first time we did it, I flourished the cooking spoon with the division manager of Project Management, and the last time, our SAP trainees volunteered to create a delicious curry. It doesn't always have to be a big event. As long as you do something.

These are just a few of the things we've gotten going here. There's no doubt we'll keep developing as a company and always stay on the lookout for new ideas. Everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas. Though of course, not everything can be put into practice right away—staying tuned is the motto here. An overview of what else we offer our employees can be found here.

*The personal and job designations used in this blog post cover all sexes. The undifferentiated designations serve only the better legibility of the text.




Sascha Zuther is Personnel Officer - During his studies, he already worked as an HR trainee in the IT environment and has remained passionate about it ever since. In his blog posts, he talks about experiences, challenges and solutions in recruiting and other HR areas.

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