What's New?

What's New?

January 28, 2022

xSuite Launches Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Ahrensburg/Germany, January 28, 2022. Thanks to electronic workflows and document management, xSuite Group customers are already saving tons of paper each year. But the software producer wants to do more. So, in January 2022, it launched the “Reforesting to Protect the Environment and the Climate” project in cooperation with the international non-profit Trees for the Future.

For the xSuite Group, taking social and environmental responsibility and upholding ethical standards involves going beyond statutory obligations. The German-based company, which has adopted “Embodying Responsibility” as one of its corporate values, is on a mission to make a positive impact on society. Launched in January 2022, the “Reforesting to Protect the Environment and the Climate” project is the company’s first corporate social responsibility initiative. The number of xSuite trees planted will be recorded and continually updated on the website of its partner, Trees for the Future. For every twenty documents processed in the xSuite cloud, the company will donate one tree. The first 4,000 saplings have already been planted, and in the first year of this long-term project, xSuite will donate a mid five-figure sum. 

Trees for the Future aims to tackle poverty by educating farmers on the “forest garden approach” to regenerative agriculture. During a four-year training program, farmers plant thousands of trees that will restore their land. As well as storing carbon and increasing biodiversity, each forest garden combats hunger and poverty.

Matthias Lemenkühler, CEO of xSuite Group, says: “We don’t want to just talk about responsibility; we want to embody it. We already do this in numerous concrete ways in our daily work, but we see greater scope for action in the larger social context. This reforestation project will be a priority for us in 2022 and beyond.” In addition to its collaboration with Trees for the Future, the xSuite Group will work on regional forest conservation and reforestation projects at its eight locations around the world.

xSuite Group is also preparing to launch a project focusing on saving energy and other resources within the company.

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