What's New?

What's New?

July 16, 2021

xSuite Extends Portfolio of SAP-Based Workflow Functions

The xSuite Group has subsumed its SAP-only solutions in on-premises operation under the label "xSuite Cube." The new version 5.2.6 of xSuite Business Solutions Cube has been released with enhanced Fiori features and a low-barrier GUI, multi-backend support, improved security and additional AI functionalities.  xSuite's Business Solutions consist of solutions for procurement, processing of incoming invoices and orders, and automated matching of order confirmations and purchase orders.

What sets the new portfolio apart from the previous release is its greatly expanded functionality for Fiori. In the future, all important functionalities of the xSuite workflow solutions will be made available via SAP's new interface design. The xSuite Group has set its long-term priority on Fiori to support all S/4HANA models. The reason is that Fiori is SAP's central front-end strategy for the future. In particular, xSuite's Fiori apps Invoice Overview, the Invoice Monitor, and the "Cockpit" (for workflow monitoring) have been enhanced in Version 5.2.6.

Fiori now low-barrier and moving on

Software with little to no barriers is particularly important for public clients and is even mandatory in some areas. With this in mind, xSuite Group developed a new option for display in Fiori: the "advanced accessibility mode." Users can opt for normal display or low-barrier display, in which text and icons are shown on buttons, diagrams are not displayed, footer toolbars are not used, etc.

The new version boasts multi-backend support, which is of particular interest for corporations that have an international presence and large installations of multiple SAP systems. A Fiori app can be used to access various connected SAP systems, for instance it can be used from central shared services centers.

Customize virus scanner profiles

The new version incorporates the results of a simulated hacker attack and the latest vulnerability test. This was required for certification for S/4HANA Cloud Extended Edition and is now performed on a regular basis. The security of the software has thus increased once again: Virus scanner profiles can be adjusted and communication set via web service handlers, preventing potentially malicious scripts from sneaking in.

The current version of xSuite Business Solutions Cube already offers functionality for automatic account-assignment proposals through artificial intelligence in the area of SAP-integrated invoice processing. This is achieved via the Prediction Server as a cloud-based add-on. Tests are currently being performed to determine the extent to which predictions can be made for invoices. Artificial intelligence will be one of the key issues covered in the next release of xSuite Cube.

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