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xSuite Group Furthers Hybrid Strategy with New xSuite Cube Release

Integrating cloud technologies and extending Fiori strategy, xSuite Cube, the matrix of SAP-integrated solutions for business processes in on-prem operations, is now available in Version 5.2.4.

The new version 5.2.4 of xSuite Cube has been available since late June. It includes xSuite's SAP-integrated solutions for purchasing, accounting, and order processing. The software applications are available for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

One of the main new features of Release 5.2.4 is cloud connectivity. The xSuite Group also continues to develop various other features in line with SAP Fiori strategy, following its hybrid concept and combining solutions from its SAP portfolio with its solutions from the cloud. Drawing on AI technologies and machine learning for vendor recognition, cloud-based data extraction can now be used for processing incoming documents like order confirmations, invoices, and sales orders. The system learns automatically in the background, taking on the task of hands-on vendor training. Customers benefit from cloud connection through a reduction of the administrative workload and the constant availability of up-to-date software. For example, a sudden change in VAT rates is reflected straight away in the system.

In line with SAP's GUI strategy, xSuite's Version 5.2.4 premiers a number of new administrative functions as xSuite Apps for SAP Fiori. One of these is xSuite's Process Analyzer, which is an analytical tool for detailed evaluations like the average processing time of invoices, the number of employees involved, the background posting quota, and much more. Another xSuite favorite made available as a Fiori app is the release table. This practical function allows automatic agent determination to be defined in the Fiori display, various selection criteria to be stored and multi-level processes to be created according to the dual control principle.

xSuite Cube 5.2.4 also premiers additional functions for processing order confirmations and recognizing QR-IBANs, accomodating automatic "Swiss QR Code" extraction, an important innovation for xSuite customers in Switzerland, where the Swiss QR Code was introduced for all companies on June 30, 2020.

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