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WMD launches xSuite Cloud Platform

With its new Cloud portfolio, the software house from Ahrensburg provides standard "cloud-native" processes

The software developer WMD Group has now technologically expanded its xSuite information management platform to include services in the cloud. Modular, microservice-based architecture ensures scalability for the new applications. To run these applications, WMD Group, specializing in ECM, workflow and archiving, has developed its own xSuite Cloud Platform. As a first step, companies can now access digital, automated standard processes such as incoming mail, document reading and archiving.
Digital solutions for document-based business processes at larger midsized companies, developed for classic on-premises use, have been WMD's core focus to date. The company is now expanding its portfolio to include cloud services hosted and managed on the company's cloud platform. With the "xSuite Cloud Platform," WMD is investing in a new technological basis. The applications are designed and developed for cloud computing. Technologies such as microservices and docker containers are used. The solution's operation and continued development involve new approaches such as a joint DevOps team, agile development and continuous deployment. The interfaces are cloud-optimized, making the applications accessible via browser or app.
The first solutions that WMD is launching in the cloud segment are used to automate generic, document-based processes — document classification, document capture, and archiving. Operations can use them as flexible services for specialized subprocesses which can quickly be integrated into the varying requirements of the company ERP landscape. This results in hybrid scenarios that offer a multitude of advantages for companies: lower start-up and fixed costs for applications, usage-based pricing models, less dependence on company-run IT resources for maintenance and administration, automatic software updates, fast provisioning, and cushioning of peak loads.
According to Matthias Lemenkühler, Managing Director at WMD, "With our new xSuite Cloud Platform, we plan to offer a broad portfolio of services in the future. Standalone solutions have become obsolete. Today, companies have the opportunity to secure high-performance services via a centrally-based, secure cloud platform, which is hosted in Germany and offers top speed in upload and access. In addition to our solutions for incoming mail, document capture and archiving, we are planning follow-up services such as file management and processing of incoming invoices for the xSuite Cloud Platform."
Impressions of the cloud portfolio:

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