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It's simple: WMD Group has become xSuite Group

Global software manufacturer unifies external presence, to operate under the name of its established xSuite® range of solutions

WMD Group GmbH changed its name to xSuite Group GmbH on November 21, 2019, when it was entered in the commercial register. The six international subsidiaries of the group will also be renamed accordingly. In the same breath, the software manufacturer from Ahrensburg, Germany, is also rebranding its software products, previously labeled "xFlow," under the umbrella name xSuite.

Independent software producer xSuite has been active in the field of document-based business processes for 25 years and supports companies and public clients in establishing digital processes. The xSuite Group is focusing on three key areas to enable its customers to work faster, better and with more ease: digital document management, automation of key business processes, and the use of e-files.

Over 1,200 customers in more than 60 countries now rely on the products and solutions of xSuite Group, which is recording strong, sustained growth, especially internationally. Today, the company has around 200 employees worldwide at eight locations in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Slovakia and the USA. According to Matthias Lemenkühler, spokesman of the Board of Directors for the xSuite Group GmbH, "In renaming our company, we will present ourselves internationally under one umbrella brand in the future. Our goal is to automate and standardize the processes of our customers in global markets, which in turn will relieve the burden placed on particular departments and strengthen customers' competitive edge."
Four-part product matrix: Cloud/On-Premises/SAP/Any ERP
In the future, the xSuite portfolio will be differentiated according to whether the solution is cloud-based or on-premises, or whether the solution is integrated/suitable only for SAP or can also be used for any ERP system. These differentiations result in a matrix consisting of four product categories: "SAP only" solutions in the cloud are called "xSuite Sphere"; in on-premises operation, they are called "xSuite Cube." "Any ERP" solutions in the cloud are marketed under "xSuite Helix," and on-premises solutions under "xSuite Prism." The individual solutions that have been operating under the label xFlow — for procurement, accounts payable and sales order processes, file and archiving management, etc. — all fall under one of these categories. These changes will take place in parallel with the company name change and will take effect successively starting on January 1, 2020.

The development of cloud applications represents an important milestone for the xSuite Group, as hybrid applications are on the advance in the B2B sector. With the current xSuite product range, customers can supplement their locally installed applications with services from the cloud, for example with standard processes such as incoming mail, data extraction and archiving. To use cloud services, it is important to use "cloud-native solutions" designed and optimized for precisely this purpose, e.g., the cloud platform for document-based processes, xSuite Helix.

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