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What's New?

July 19, 2022

Goods receipt posting in SAP: xSuite closes another gap in the P2P process

xSuite Group has just released version 5.2.8 of its SAP-integrated and -certified xSuite Business Solutions Cube for on-premises use. Joining the existing components for procurement including order confirmations, invoice and order processing, is a brand-new product: xSuite Delivery Notes Cube, designed to facilitate automated goods receipt posting in SAP. Release 5.2.8 also encompasses expanded Fiori capability and enhanced usability.

Renowned as a specialist for SAP-integrated invoice processing, xSuite also caters to numerous adjacent business processes via its xSuite Business Solutions Cube. The company’s aim is to standardize all upstream process steps (i. e. the entire P2P process), in turn increasing the level of automation within invoice processing as a whole. To this end, it is further expanding its product suite by the new goods receipt posting component xSuite Delivery Notes Cube. This new product transfers and validates incoming delivery bill data and automates delivery bill processing in SAP.

The new version of xSuite Business Solutions Cube has been enhanced with additional functions, especially for use via the Fiori interface and the xSuite web client. Fiori has been defined by SAP as the GUI of the future, particularly in view of the S/4HANA Cloud’s continued market penetration. With this in mind, xSuite Group is continuing to adapt the entire range of functions of its solutions from SAP GUI to ensure that they are also available in Fiori, regardless of whether they are intended for use by employees from SAP administration or from specialist departments.

Thanks to the latest release, more than 95 percent of tasks can now be executed via the new tile design. New features include “Capture Analyzer”, “Account Assignment Templates”, “Overview of Recurring Documents” and “Reports for User Management”, as well as smaller functionalities such as “Edit Purchase Requisition after Rejection” and “Approval of Service Entry”. xSuite’s new release also supports the Fiori functions introduced with S/4HANA, including “Distribution by Value” and “Enhanced Limit Order”.

In addition to the new Fiori interface, the latest xSuite Business Solutions Cube release offers enhanced usability, including improved display of blocking reasons for order confirmations, multiple account assignments in the feeder, and extended monitor views (for invoices, order confirmations, orders).

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