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What's New?

June 24, 2021

Dina Haack now Head of Marketing at xSuite Group

June 23, 2021, Ahrensburg/Germany. Dina Haack, previously Product Marketing Manager at the xSuite Group, has been managing and coordinating the software manufacturer's marketing activities from its headquarters in Ahrensburg since June 1, 2021. More than ever before, the xSuite Group counts international and globally active companies among its customers. Alongside activities at subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, the software manufacturer is focussing particular effort on the technically innovative US market. With a view to sharpen global brand presence and promote market awareness, xSuite has now promoted its own competent employee Dina Haack to the position of Head of Marketing.

Dina Haack is an expert in marketing for IT. The 36-year-old is active in the industry association Bitkom, where she is deputy chair of the Digital Office Services & Cloud work group. Before joining xSuite, Dina Haack served as Head of Business Unit Soluations at a mid-sized producer of backup and restore software. Her new tasks at xSuite Group involve driving the company's internationalization strategy forward through stringent positioning and a consistent look and feel, as well as directing external presentation more strongly towards global markets, especially that of North America. To this end, xSuite Group has already strengthened the marketing team at its headquarters in Germany as well as in the United States.

"We want to sharpen our positioning worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative digitalization solutions with a focus on integrated P2P processes," says the graduate in economics. "xSuite Group is becoming a cloud provider that can offer its global customers a broad portfolio of solutions along the lines of cloud first, but not cloud only." In her new role , Dina Haack will also be focusing more on digitizing communication channels. The marketing team at headquarters has also been expanded in the online area to achieve this goal.

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Dina Haack, Head of Marketing

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