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The WMD Group has its roots in Germany and is growing worldwide. It is the people that define our success: With the high-quality workflow solutions we have created, we have some big plans for the future.

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Fabian Terstegen

Fabian is a student (dual course of study) and works at our location in Ahrensburg in the Hamburg area.

What is your job at WMD?

Although I’m just starting my studies, it hasn’t take long for me to receive the opportunity to get to know the world of WMD. In addition to providing support on customer systems and for colleagues in their day-to-day work, I maintain internal systems — not just on the technical level, but also by offering my colleagues specialized support. Quite often, additional opportunities come up for me to try out new techniques. This way, I apply my newly acquired know-how in developing our products and our projects.

What is special at WMD?

There is no lack of support. If you need help, you get it. If there’s a problem, you can bring it up without fear of consequences.
The university campus isn’t the only place where you can make use of your curiosity — you can also apply it during the work phases of the program, in projects and development.
The colleagues here are really nice. It’s not only enjoyable to work with them, life together offers a lot of interest and variety.
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