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xFlow Capture Admin Training

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Course overview

Course Nr.
Administrators (xSuite for SAP)
1,600 EUR per person plus VAT


This course offers basic training in the area of data extraction.In particular, it focuses on how to use the scan client for invoice entry and the subsequent verification of captured data within SAP. Participants will be offered opportunities to test and deepen their understanding of course content in practical exercises on the training system. Participants receive an introduction to the whole process of invoice approval and gain familiarity with expanded functions of the scan client and the xFlow Capture Viewer in SAP. Participants will be offered opportunities to practice general invoice verification within SAP and to configure field training. Lastly, options for resolving problems in documents containing errors will be discussed.



  • Administrators who wish to develop valuable know-how in preparation for an xFlow Capture implementation
  • Administrators who already maintain, monitor and, if
  • necessary, configure the installed xFlow Capture system

Course outcomes:

  • A grasp of the technical aspects and the processes involved in xFlow Capture and Invoice Monitor
  • Skills using the xFlow Capture Scan Client in:
    • Transfer of scan-client documents to xFlow Interface
    • xFlow Interface Windows and SAP
    • Analysis of protocols, problem analysis
    • xFlow Capture server; xFlow Bus administration
    • General problem analysis based on protocols
    • Licensing; Invoice Monitor


  • Basic knowledge of SAP systems (FI, MM)
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems and applications