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Technical Basics - xSuite Orders Cube

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Course overview

Course Nr.
Ahrensburg I Dortmund
Project Partner (xSuite Cube)
800 EUR per person plus VAT

The module for order processing is an optimal enhancement of the best-practice solution xSuite Invoice Cube. xSuite Orders Cube supports users with workflow-based sales-order processing. The course is an extension of our entry-level series of courses for training and certifying partners technically. The course starts out with technical information on Procurement and Orders products and a sample installation.

Technical requirements relating to the basis systems (SAP, Windows Server) and the integration of the individual modules and features into the basis system will be addressed. Over the course of the two-day session, we supplement the more technical contents of the course with valuable information on workflow processes used in sales. Participants can deepen course content in practice units with sample configurations and assess their learning results through computer-based training.
This course is directed toward consultants from new partner organizations as well as toward existing partners who require re-certification.

Course Contents:

  • Theory; structure of solution
  • Individual technical features
  • Modules/solutions
  • Technical operations
  • Simple, practical exercises
  • Processes and best practices


  • Basic knowledge of SAP systems (Archive Link, SD)
  • A basic understanding of business aspects involved in sales
  • Completion of Course FGT-01
  • Minimum participation – two employees per organization

Course Outcomes:

  • An understanding of the technical structures and processes
  • A complete installation of the solution in an SAP system
  • Basic skills in customizing the solution for a company code or a purchasing organization and the module MM
  • Familiarity with important “best-practice” settings