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Technical Basics for Partners - xSuite Interface and xSuite Capture Prism

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Course overview

Course Nr.
Ahrensburg I Dortmund
Solution Partner (xSuite Cube)
2,400 EUR per person plus VAT

SCHEDULE ON REQUEST. Please contact Mr. Samland.

It is impossible to imagine automated invoice processing without document capture and validation of documents directly in the target system SAP. Document details are captured, interpreted, and put through a plausibility test. Purely manual invoice processing moves to the background, allowing employees to concentrate on their core tasks. Checking the data for completeness (for example, according to specific tax laws) is also possible, as is the training of single fields according to vendor.

The course Technical Basics is an intermediate step in the series of courses for training and certifying partners. The contents of the course are technical and introduce the basic technicalities of xSuite Capture prism products, as well as demonstrating them by means of a sample installation. Technical requirements relating to the basis systems (SAP, Windows Server) and the integration of the individual modules and features into the basis system are addressed. Participants can deepen their understanding of course content in short practice units with sample configurations and assess their learning results through computer-based training. This course is directed towards consultants from new partner organizations as well as towards existing partners who require re-certification.

Course Contents:

  • Theory and structure of solution
  • Individual technical features
  • Modules/solutions
  • Technical operations
  • Simple, practical exercises
  • Processes and best-practices


  • Basic SAP skills in FI, MM, and ArchiveLink
  • A basic understanding of business aspects involved in invoice processing
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows systems
  • Completion of basic training course in IRISXtract at I.R.I.S.
  • Minimum participation – two employees per organization

Course Outcomes:

  • An understanding of technical and process-related aspects of xSuite Capture Prism and xSuite Interface (Windows/SAP) and their interdependencies
  • A complete installation connected to an SAP system
  • Presentation and setup an end-to-end process from scan through capture with data extraction all the way to storing and editing in the target system
  • Insight into options in technical customizing
  • Familiarity with important “best-practice” settings
  • Certification of two employees